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Looking to hire a professional siding contractor in Portland?

Look no further, Prestige NWest Corp. has  many years of experience and a reputation for installing high-quality siding at an affordable price. We have installed siding on hundreds of residential homes in Oregon and in Washington using some of the best home siding materials on the market. We use the most durable and attractive product that makes an ideal exterior for any home. Our expert siding installers will do wonders and leave your home looking great with the benefit of the house being more energy efficient.


Prestige NWest Inc, Prestige Northwest Inc, Portland Siding, Affordable SidingWhy your might need to be replaced?

If any of these things sound familiar, it is time to replace the siding on your home:

      • Your siding is prematurely failing because the product is defective.
      • Your siding is prematurely failing because it was installed wrong.
      • You want to increase or maintain the value of your home.
      • The condition of your siding prevents you from selling your house or asking full price for your house.
      • There are leaks or water damage that are most likely caused by the siding.
      • You are concerned that you might get dry-rot in your structural wall cavities if you do not replace your siding.
      • Your family members (especially children) have respiratory problems caused by fungal growth on or in your siding or wall cavity.
      • You do not like the way your defective, ugly, or old siding looks.
      • You want to update or restore your homes beauty.
      • Your siding is failing because it is old or has been exposed to severe weather conditions.
      • You are tired of maintaining your siding in its present condition.
      • It would cost almost as much to properly prepare and paint your siding as it would to replace it.
For more information on siding installation or siding replacement call us or schedule a free estimate.


  • When to remodel

    When your energy bills are through the roof and your siding is falling apart everytime you close the door, you should think about remodeling Oregon resedence. Prestige NWest Corp, specializes in siding, remodeling and building your house from ground up. Fill out our quote form and see how much money you can save, you can also call us at (971) 269-5595.

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When I needed our apartment complex remodeled I called Prestige NWest corp and their team of professionals came out, surveyed the site and did an excellent job. Bob. G
Gina L


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